Gluten is a special kind of protein known for its health benefits. Unfortunately, not all grain foods contain gluten. What's worse is that, many people are intolerant to it. So serves as a complete guide for those who cannot tolerate gluten from the food they eat and beverage they drink.

So what are the foods that have gluten? Wheat, barley and rye are known as the gluten grains. Gluten can also be present in drinks such as beer, flavored coffee, malted milk and other malt beverages.

Canned or frozen fruits and vegetable, which have no sauce or syrup, are mostly gluten-free. Corn, millet, rice, and soybean are in nature gluten-free. Fruits like apple, banana, blueberry, grape, orange, strawberry, and watermelon are considered absolutely gluten-free. Vegetables such as bean, carrot, onion, and potato are free of it too. Thus, all these can be consumed by those gluten-intolerant.